The City

2 min readApr 27, 2021
Photo by Andrea Cau on Unsplash

Tote-bag teens roam the streets
looking for God
in bookshops and McDonald’s,
they don’t know.

Ten-cent men roam the streets
asking for money
from black-jacket blokes,
rejection doesn’t count.

Green-skirt girls sit in bars
drinking cocktails
with plastic straws,
they don’t mind.

Black-jacket blokes sit at desks
pretending to be busy
what does it matter,
it’s Friday soon.

Dog-eared dreams roam the streets
a rat ate hers
and yours tomorrow.

Criss-crossed clouds roam the sky
choking on the fumes
of your new status,
they are worried.

Big questions roam the minds
of even the smallest
until somebody asks,
who are you?

Jack Goldingham Newsom is the Chief Objektioner and Founder of the Objektion Project. We help people, social enterprises, and volunteer organisations to carry out their mission more effectively by challenging current ways of thinking, and developing new frameworks to support their vision.
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I work with imagination and creativity, with organisations who want to create meaningful change. The world needs more thinkers, I aim to be one of them.