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Tote-bag teens roam the streets
looking for God
in bookshops and McDonald’s,
they don’t know.

Ten-cent men roam the streets
asking for money
from black-jacket blokes,
rejection doesn’t count.

Green-skirt girls sit in bars
drinking cocktails
with plastic straws,
they don’t mind.

Black-jacket blokes sit at desks
pretending to be busy
what does it matter,
it’s Friday soon.

Dog-eared dreams roam the streets
a rat ate hers
and yours tomorrow.

Criss-crossed clouds roam the sky
choking on the fumes
of your new status,
they are worried.

Big questions roam the minds
of even the smallest
until somebody asks,
who are you…

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I write about things that I care about, and write from my own perspective, based on the points of view that I have read about, through research and studies, courses, articles, and more. This week I want to talk about nutrition and health. The two are so intimately linked, yet there is very little in the way of advice and support for those who are looking to improve their health through nutrition. The food pyramid and the notices about ‘5+ a day’ are about it when it comes to meaningful government-supported information in the public space. …

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The fond perfume of a flicked-through paperback flowing past your nose, it’s a challenge to fly past any bookstore, let alone a library. Libraries offer an inherent sensory desire; built in to our genes through centuries past. That’s only the start. Think back to the first time you picked up a book, felt its weightiness in your palm, and succumbed to the power of its mass of knowledge. Now look around, observe. Observe the people; see how the magic of a narrative can intrigue, how time is an infinite resource… in a library. Time has many perceived lengths — sometimes…

This article is a preview of a longer article and text that I am in the process of writing. I thought I’d just explain a little bit about what I’m thinking.

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Financial education is in need of a shake up. New Zealand prides itself on being one of the top countries in the world for financial education programmes and financial literacy rates. According to results from the 2014 S&P FinLit Survey, New Zealand has a financial literacy rate of 61% — that is, 61% of NZ adults are financially literate. …

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I speak from experience in everything I say here. Not just my experience, but that of the many other skilled artists and freelance workers who are trying to find a job, both in a company with a normal employment contract, and in some kind of short-term project as a freelance worker.

There’s lots of talk about ‘soft skills,’ like communication, ability to think differently, teamwork, a sense of responsibility… the list goes on. Many recruitment agencies and employers themselves tell those looking for a job that these skills really matter, they make a difference as to whether you will be…

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There’s a lot of talk at the moment, at least in the European space of social transformation, of our need to invent a new story. Not a story that we tell to our children at bedtime, though it could become one of those very easily. No, this is the story of humanity: who are we as a species? What defines us? What is the story of our history as a country, and as a continent?

We are being forced to think about these questions as the social structures around us crumble with the weight of COVID-19. Each one of us…

This article is published on the Objektion Project here.

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The public intellectual and philosopher Slavoj Zizek said something interesting in a video interview I watched recently. He said that true leadership is about providing a vision for, and then creating a space where one’s followers can actualise themselves and achieve their own goals in this vision. It’s about leading people towards a vision for the future, providing them with a strong enough vision to support the actualisation of a diverse variety of individual goals. …

Published on The Objektion Project here

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I have a small worry about my country, whilst I am not there. Out exploring the world, I am coming to realise how different things and done in other countries, and how people are aware of, and live in, vastly different realities. The people of Europe, for example, living in such close proximity to their neighbouring countries, and also to the Middle East and Africa, have a much greater sense of what’s going on in the world, than can be said of most New Zealanders, I think. They seem to know a bit more…

Working from home has become the new way of working for many people in New Zealand since we have come out of lockdown. For some it is permanent and full-time, for others they spend a couple of days a week at home. What doesn’t seem to have been considered is the fact that workers fought to have their rights protected, and appropriate work hours and schedules to be maintained. What happened to these movements?

Published on The Objektion Project here.

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In Turin, a city in Italy, just after the First World War drew to a close, the Fiat car factory…

Occasionally I share some personal thoughts when traveling or exploring new places. It helps me to think about who I am, achieve greater self-awareness, and know what to do and where to go next. This time, it’s from Greece.

Paros, walking a dog from a local villager

Life seems to progress with its twists and turns at such a rapid pace at the moment that anything that I do end up thinking seems to become irrelevant or altered the following week. …

Jack Goldingham Newsom

I work with imagination and creativity, with organisations who want to create meaningful change. The world needs more thinkers, I aim to be one of them.

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